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    Active members: You now have the ability to manage your membership! From any mobile device or computer you can now reschedule your coaching sessions, enroll in classes, manage your payment information, and much more...all with ease. Visit our Authentic Strength Front Desk website to get started.


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    Get a Plan. Get Support. Get Results.

    It's time to improve upon the out-dated, traditional, gym membership.  We believe a facility should actually take responsibility for the results of its members.  And for this reason, being a member at Authentic Strength means not only having a place to workout, but also having a plan, a coaching team, and a community to support you in achieving                                your goals.

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    Time to Get Lean

    Offered throughout the week, our cross-training classes emphasize metabolic conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, and fat loss. Strength-training classes focus on proper lifting technique, appropriate joint stability, and strength development. Our classes are effectively used by our members as the perfect supplement to their individually designed programs. By using a wide variety of training methods classes stay fun, varied, and most importantly, safe.  

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    Want to see firsthand how a membership at Authentic Strength will get you actual results?  Try a 2 week trial membership.  All trial memberships include movement screening, individual program design, 4 coaching sessions, and unlimited cross-training and strength-training classes.  No committment required.

  • Nutrition


    Eat Right...Results Guaranteed.

    At Authentic Strength our philosophy is move well and train hard. But we also know that when it comes to improvement in body composition, training hard is not enough; proper and appropriate nutrition is needed to make an actual change. In fact, if we were to promote improved body composition without addressing nutrition, it would be a disservice to our members. Our goal is to provide quality, un-biased nutritional information that can be practically applied to meet individual needs.

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Authentic Strength Fitness & Performance Center is proud to offer the most comprehensive training facility in north Dallas.  With over 5,000 sq ft of training space, our facility is designed to meet the needs of every type of fitness goal, athletic development and team training.

Located in Carrollton, TX, our facility allows members to utilize many types of specialty training such as cross-training, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell training, strongman training, and much more.

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